Our Story


Life can be full of unexpected twist, turns, highs, lows, and uncertainty.  Then there are times when you feel somewhat stagnant or stuck in a cycle.  You know there has to be  more to your life, but you are not certain of what it is nor how long it will take to arrive.  

"I've been a communicator for years," says Alex Brown.  "The idea and dream of starting an apparel line has been in my heart for years and the blueprint for it remained on my desk year after year collecting dust.  That is when I had a wake up call and realized that there is more to my life than this same routine.  I began to research ideas, talk to other entrepreneurs, and write down a plan of action.  I've made so many mistakes, cried a lot, lost many friends, and struggled to make any real progress.  However, something in me just would not let me give up.  So we started a brand.  A brand for those who come from various backgrounds, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, and walks of life."  

This is no casual clothing company.  We are a brand that represents the story of so many people around the world.  After months and months of planning, research, and training we are now positioned to inspire others to fulfill their purpose.  We are not interested in designing apparel just for the sake of it.  Our belief is that what we wear should be an expression of what we are thinking and a reflection of our lifestyle.  To create conversations that inspire people around the world toward true change as they live out their story and fulfill their purpose.