Our Story

Closed my eyes. Dreamed big. Started building a brand that would impact lives. 

This is no casual clothing company. You have a story worth sharing. It is our belief that your B.Candid apparel will be the launching place of conversation that will inspire people around the world toward true change as they live out their stories and fulfill their purpose. 

"I've been a communicator for years," says CEO, Alex Brown.  "The idea and dream of starting an apparel line has been in my heart for quite some time and the blueprint for it remained on my desk year after year collecting dust.  That is when I had a wake up call and realized that there is more to my life than this same routine.  I began to research ideas, talk to other entrepreneurs, and write down a plan of action.  I've made so many mistakes, cried a lot, lost many friends, and struggled to make any real progress.  However, something in me just would not let me give up.  So we started a brand.  A brand for those who come from various backgrounds, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, and walks of life. A brand that resonates deeply with culture and creates conversation. A brand that allows us to simply B.Candid."